Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Media's Dangerous Messages

I could list many examples of dangerous media media messages about food and weight all day but this is one commercial I often use in my presentations to show how false messages about food are all around us.

The part that drives me nuts about this commercial is when it says she will lose her self-esteem and lose her boyfriend all because of what? Eating a hamburger!

It is important that we combat these messages by discussing what is true with our children. Limiting their exposure to media and/or watching with them is a good idea too.

Being aware of the hidden messages around us will help us subconsciously not make unhealthy connections to food, weight, and worthiness. 


Manda Mae said...

I do not usually add people i don't know on Facebook, but when i saw that u were friends with Karen, I went on instinct and added u. Thank u for sharing your story. Thank u for having the strength to tell ur story to the world! I am the yw president in my ward and this is always a constant subject (diet and weightloss) with them. I would like to share your story with them. I will be in touch and look forward to reading your blog! _hugs_

Haley Hatch Freeman said...

Thanks Manda Mae. It really is scary how bombarded our youth is with confusing messages about food and weight. I've actually written another book about this issues which I hope to get published soon.
Thank you for leaving me this message. Please do share my story with your young women. Let me know if I can do anything to help. Karen knows all about my book and I'm involved with her retreat so she can give you more info as well. She sells my book in her retreat's store or you can go to afuturefortomorrow.com and I will sign and mail you a copy free shipping! Thanks again for dropping by my blog Manda Mae, I appreciate it.