Tuesday, July 23, 2013


At the age of 16, straight “A” student, Haley Hatch Freeman was admitted in the hospital weighing 85 pounds due to severe anorexia. Without proper fat and nutrients, her body and brain had begun to die, leaving her delusional and unable to speak coherently. She was incapable of completing the simplest tasks, including feeding, bathing, or even dressing herself.

Freeman’s prognosis was probable death due to her failing liver, kidneys, and heart.  The best case scenario was her being left handicapped and permanently living in the state’s mental hospital.

Doctors and family feared she wouldn't survive, but to their amazement, she not only lived, but her mind healed, and she returned to full mental and physical health.

Ensure saved her life.” Freeman’s parents say. “During the worst time Ensure was all Haley would ingest. For a year prior she had demonized almost all foods, but she never associated anything negative with the nutrition shake.” They continued, “When Haley was too sick to understand how to feed herself, she could still drink Ensure. It truly did ensure our daughter’s life.”

In her book, A Future for Tomorrow Freeman recounts her remarkable story, which is filled with emotional turmoil, faith, parental unconditional love, and miracles.

“The secret to overcoming this illness,” Freeman says, “comes from faith, getting professional treatment, and being honest with therapists and yourself when uprooting the issues that together caused the behavior of self-starvation.”

Freeman went on to accomplish great things in academics and in all aspects of her life. After marrying, Freeman was miraculously able to have three healthy children. The depression and low self-esteem that accompanied the anorexia no longer plagued her. She now enjoys a joyful life with her family in Central Utah.  

Today Freeman is a professional motivational speaker at schools, colleges, church groups, retreats, women conferences, youth camps and more. She spreads eating disorder awareness, emphasizes the importance of self-worth, provides tools for prevention, and gives hope of a full recovery to those who are suffering from disordered eating. Freeman mentors youth and parents on several continents and her book is sold worldwide.

Now, sixteen years after her hospitalization, Freeman celebrates how she has defeated anorexia forever and is anxious to share her success with others. 

Haley Hatch Freeman