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Saturday Blog Tour of From Head to Tummy

Last Blog Tour Day

Sunshy Books

"Little girls of all ages will enjoy the bright, colorful pages of this story book while learning,"
says the blogger. She continues,
"The is a book girls should be reading."

Cover photo
To see the rest of her review of my book visit her blog:

Sunshy Books Blog Tour Review

Spilling Words Blog Tour Review


"The art in this book is beautiful and also help tells the story while showing the facts."
Says KayCee.
"This is a story that parents should be reading to girls who’s growing up in this world."

For the rest of her review click below:
Spilling Words

Thank you ladies for your great reviews!

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Friday Blog Tour of From Head to Tummy

I Love to Read and Review Books Blog Tour Review

"This book is WAY DARLING!

So many people, including little girls, are looking to the media and what others think to tell them how they should look and what they should eat.

This book teaches sound truths about food, self-esteem, and real beauty.

"Journey with the adorable Ashley as she's faced with life's unavoidable moments that create confusion about food and her body."

"But soon she will discover the truth and find happiness in learning how to listen to her tummy's signals, use tools to deal with social pressures, and focus on her true beauty."

A way to see that health is more than what you look like.

Told simply enough for a child to understand, it's a message that is vital for EVERYONE!" -- Shauna Wheelwright
To see what else Shauna posted about my book and to read her other book reviews check out her blog from the link below.

I Love to Read and Review Books

Post Card Reader's Blog Post

To enter my GIVEAWAY follow the link at the bottom of this post 

Post Card Reader

Purple Book Reviews Post

In my interview with Double Decker Books (the host of this blog tour) I was asked this questions,

Q. I noticed while reading “From Head to Tummy” that one of the issues you bring to the forefront was commercial advertisement, what are your thoughts about what today’s society and the ads young girls see?

Follow the blog link below to see my answer and the rest of the interview.

Purple Book Reviews

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Thursday Blog Tour of From Head to Tummy

The Book Swap's Blog Tour Review

"Haley’s book “From Head to Tummy” is a light hearted, lovely, insightful and informational children’s book that I would recommend to any parent to read, even though it is targeted for girls, this book also has a great message for young boys too."

"Haley’s illustrator Lori Nawyn created such warm, colorful pictures that fit right with the book storyline, I truly enjoyed the colorfulness and it gave off a warm glow to it has I read."

To read more of her five star review click on the link below!

The Book Swap

Ink Spell Reviews Blog Tour Post

Ink Spell Reviews


From Head to Tummy is officially released to be purchased on amazon and on my website!!!!!

Give your daughter the peace and freedom that come from knowing the truth about food, self-assurance, and real beauty.
It’s never too early to help your child build a healthy body image.
According to the National Eating Disorders Association
  • 42% of 1st–3rd grade girls want to be thinner
  • 81% of 10-year-olds are afraid of being fat

Your daughter will journey with the adorable Ashley as she’s faced with life’s unavoidable moments that create confusion about food and her body. But soon she will discover the truth and find happiness in learning how to listen to her tummy’s signals, use tools to deal with social pressures, and focus on her true beauty.

From Head to Tummy provides vital tips and assignments for mothers to help build a strong foundation of worth for themselves and their daughters, as well as help them create a healthy relationship with food in their families.
Author Haley Hatch Freeman
Illustrator Lori Nawyn

Books Sold at
Amazon link:

About the Author:
Haley Hatch Freeman is the author of A Future for Tomorrow which tells her remarkable true story of enduring and overcoming anorexia and detailed miracles along the way which including a unique near death experience.
Because of her incredible story she has been interviewed on radio shows both in the US and Canada. She’s been on TV including an appearance on the Good Things Utah show. Her story has been featured in newspapers, national publications, and her book is available worldwide. Entire retreat programs have been developed because of Haley’s book and she mentors women all over the world.
Haley not only studied Eating Behaviors in college, but since she defeated anorexia she provides valuable insight on both professional and personal levels. She has been professional trained in public speaking and is a member of the Mountain West National Speaking Association. She is a keynote speaker presenting at women’s conferences, schools, church groups, and more. To schedule her for your event contact her at
Haley founded the company Haley’s Heart to Heart in 2012. Haley’s Heart to Heart is a resource of truth for women and children about eating disorders, media messages, and social pressures. Haley’s Heart to Heart encourages others to creating a healthy relationship with food, develop self-acceptance, and internalizing their divine-worth.
After seeing a great need of children in these areas Haley wrote her next book From Head to Tummy: The Simple Truth about Food, Media Messages, Self-worth, and True Beauty.
Haley delights in raising her three children in Utah with her eternal companion, best friend, and true soul mate: Brandon.

Social Media Links:

About the Illustrator:
Lori Nawyn’s essays, articles, and short stories have appeared in regional and national online and print publications including and Deseret News. She is the author of My Gift to You (2010), Fill Your Day with Hope (2013), Simple Things (2014), The Great American Family Reunion Cookbook (2014), and The Pear Aficionado (2014).
An artist and graphic designer, Lori is the illustrator of What are you Thinking? (2010), Love, Hugs, and Hope: When Scary Things Happen (2013), and the author/illustrator of the forthcoming children’s series Abbie & Jack (2015). She is also the creator and founder of Hearts and Hands Dolls, a company that creates dolls to donate to the elderly, and to homeless and abuse children.
The wife of a fireman, mother of four, and grandmother of four, she loves to find the miracles in each new day.

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Day of Online Parties!!!!

First a Twitter Party!!
I will be answering questions during this time so send your questions either about my book A Future for Tomorrow or about From Head to Tummy or any related topic to us on twitter this Saturday (the 11th)  starting at 3:00-4:00 the flier above has our twitter addresses.
Also there are three book giveaways!

Next a Facebook Party with Prizes!!!

Also this Saturday from 7-10pm pop into facebook to my event page (Event Page Party link) and you can play along and be entered in numerous drawings for a variety of awesome prizes!! Good luck!!!

This is all to celebrate my book's launch tomorrow!!!!!!

Also, I want to share a coloring page with your little ones!
Have them color it and if you take a picture of it or scan it and send it to me at I will post their adorable coloring on my facebook author page!

For the older children, have them draw a picture of themselves doing something that always makes them feel the best about their self.
A little PRIZE will be given to any child that colors it (or draws a picture) and brings it with them to my book launch next Sat. the 18th at the American Fork Library at 3:30-5:30

Wednesday Blog Tour of From Head to Tummy

The Troubled Oyster Blog Tour Post

"There is also plenty of advice to encourage a child who is struggling with weight problems to help them in feeling good about themselves." Says Elle Klass, to read more of her review visit her blog

The Troubled Oyster  (please note there is an adult content warning before entering her site since she also reviews adult topic books, this link will only link you to my review so there is no need to worry about viewing possibly offensive materials)

The Mercy Gray Blog Tour Post

To find out what my challenge is for all  mothers and your daughters visit her post and read my number one on my Top Ten List.

The Mercy Gray

Thank you ladies for the reviews and posts!

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Tuesday Blog Tour of From Head to Tummy

("Ashley" from From Head to Tummy)

To see three of my favorite quotes visit City Life Reader's tour post and look for my Top Ten List.

City Life Reader

To see a list of signs your child might be getting bullied at school find my Author Interview on Wonder Struck's post.

Wonder Struck

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Monday's Blog Tour of From Head to Tummy

("Ashley" from From Head to Tummy.)
Introducing the first blog tour post!!!

Cup of Tea Blog Tour Post

To see fliers of upcoming events, my Author Interview and so much more visit this site!

Cup of Tea

Jai &K 's Reviews

Want to learn more
about the author (me) and about the illustrator (Lori Nawyn) of From Head to Tummy?
Jai &  K Reviews

Thank you ladies for taking the time to review and post about my book!


Blog Tour Week!!

It's From Head to Tummy's Blog Week Tour!!!!

This week I will be listing blogger's post and reviews of my book From Head to Tummy: The Simple Truth about Food, Media Messages, Self-worth, and True-beauty.

I have included an Author Interview and my Top 10 List to be a part of these posts.

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Cup of Tea  

Jai & K Reviews  

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The Mercy Gray  

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Purple Pen Book Reviews  

PostCard Reader 

I Love to Read and Review Books

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