Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Off To The Printers

The last couple of weeks has been intensely stressful for me trying to get everything finalized and ready for the printers. I never realized how much work, time, and energy goes into a book. I'm feeling overjoyed that I have made it this far with my project. I'm both excited and nervous about the following steps to come. I'm sure the Lord will guide me and sustain me through the rest of these endeavors as he has since the beginning of this process.

I sent Granite Publishers my final book and cover today after much work by me, my editor Trisit, and my typesetter/ cover designer. Thank you Brock! We had a tight deadline to reach if I wanted to have my book ready for convention, and we made it!!!!!

I started writing A Future for Tomorrow Jan. 1st 2005 It was my new year's resolution to complete it that year, and I did! I couldn't any longer handle feeling the nagging promptings that it was something the Lord wanted done.

It took around seven months of working into the night, since I had a toddler at the time and night was the only time I could find to write. I did some editing and re-writes and felt it was ready to be sent to publishers around 10 months after I started.
There were bumps on the way and life continued. I took a complete break from the book for over a year. I was severely ill with our next child which kept me basically bedridden. Then I wanted to enjoy my newborn a while before pursuing a publisher again.

This fall, the road lead me to a fireside where I meet Trisit Pinkston, (an author with three published books) She helped guide me to the direction I took, which opened doors to make my dream a reality. The rest is history I guess you can say. I'm excited to see what is ahead!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Future for Tomorrow, beginings

My dream of having my story published and in print is about to come true. Within a matter of weeks I will see the fruits of my labors. How elated I feel! How blessed I feel!

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