Monday, November 14, 2011

Stephanie Neilson "Nie Nie"

I'm sure you have heard about Stephanie Neilson's remarkable story before, but her courage and strength has really touched me lately, here is Stephanie's story:


My favorite line of hers is, "I am not my body"

Yes, our bodies are vitally important for our progression in this life and the next but knowing that we are MORE than our bodies is priceless. 

Stephanie's blog: Nie Nie Dialogues

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Recapturing Beauty

I love and participate in the campaign BYU does to encourage women to recapture their true beauty.  I found this segment about it and I wanted to share it,

This year they have a new calendar of 10 challenges to do.  They have a challenge for each day, plus a journal prompt.
Here is a downloadable list of them:
It is amazing!!!
Day One: Body Kindness
Day Two: Spiritual Gifts
Day Three: Self Talk
Day Four: Meaningful Compliments
Day Five: Self Expression
Day Six: Media Resilience
Day Seven: Makeup Reflections
Day Eight: Body Love Letter
Day Nine: Supermodels vs. Role ModelsDay Ten: Spread the Love: Social Media
Again, you can download the details to these challenges here

  I hope you recapture your TRUE BEAUTY! If you have a teen or pre-teen daughter I think this would be a great project to do together!
I would love to hear about your experience so feel free to leave a comment of e-mail me at