Sunday, November 13, 2011

Recapturing Beauty

I love and participate in the campaign BYU does to encourage women to recapture their true beauty.  I found this segment about it and I wanted to share it,

This year they have a new calendar of 10 challenges to do.  They have a challenge for each day, plus a journal prompt.
Here is a downloadable list of them:
It is amazing!!!
Day One: Body Kindness
Day Two: Spiritual Gifts
Day Three: Self Talk
Day Four: Meaningful Compliments
Day Five: Self Expression
Day Six: Media Resilience
Day Seven: Makeup Reflections
Day Eight: Body Love Letter
Day Nine: Supermodels vs. Role ModelsDay Ten: Spread the Love: Social Media
Again, you can download the details to these challenges here

  I hope you recapture your TRUE BEAUTY! If you have a teen or pre-teen daughter I think this would be a great project to do together!
I would love to hear about your experience so feel free to leave a comment of e-mail me at

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