Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I was thinking about how much power there is in saying you're sorry. I'm not talking about when you have wronged someone this time, I'm talking about giving sympathy.

Have you ever wondered what to say to someone when they are telling you about personal trauma they have experienced? Whether it is just saying "sorry you had a bad day," or "sorry you had to go through that." It might be what they need to hear.

You may find when you don't know what to say to help someone just allowing them to tell their story, then saying sorry sincerely, will be the best way to give comfort to your loved one.

I've found great peace and satisfaction myself when someone will just listen, have true empathy, and express their compassion for what I've went through.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Nothing to Fear

I've decided there is definitely truth in the statement by Franklin D. Roosevelt who said: "There is nothing to fear but fear itself."

There are many aspects in our life where this is true but where I found it to be true is with the stinking swine flu of all things.

So hear me out, I had the swine flu... badly actually. I even ran into some serious complications because I am pregnant and had some breathing trouble. I'm not completely making light of it because it was a little scary for a few days and I do know that people have and will actually die from it. However, the regular old flu has killed far more people each year.

My point? Hearing about H1N1 / Swine Flu for the last few months was making me crazy! I was literally freaking out about it. I felt anxiety and fear. I had some concerns about the vaccination for it too, but was planning on getting it especially since I am pregnant. I was filled with fear for my kids and was seriously panicky about the whole thing.


Seriously, I was sick and so was my little guy, but it wasn't as bad as the feelings of fear and no control over this illness that was just plan freaking me out!

I'm so thankful that if I was going to get the H1N1 flu that I got it earlier in the flu season instead of driving myself mad with worry all winter. I definitely think the fear about it was worse than just getting it and getting it over with!

I decided to apply this principal in other aspects of my life. I remember watching a show years ago, it was actually on Dr. Phil, he was visiting with a lady that was obsessed with worry that her husband was going to cheat on her. He said something that I found to be powerful, he said, "what if in 50 years from now you are laying there and he never cheated?" Think of all the time, energy, and emotions you wasted for 50 years... for something that never happened.

Home work assignment:

Think of something you are constantly worried about. Your kid's health? Money? You're husband losing his job? Whatever it is, try to catch yourself worrying about it and ask yourself "What if in 50 years from now my husband never got fired. What I feared never happened. Will it be worth all the years of stressing?"