Monday, April 26, 2010

Need More Energy?

I've dedicated this blog to helping others. I've mainly focused on building self-esteem and self worth. I'll continue to do so but I have stumbled upon something that has helped me so much PHYSICALLY that I want to share it.

It began when my husband went to the sportsmen expo with his dad and brother. There they were introduced to concept about aligning your protons (which have been scrambled from all the wireless and other technology waves) There is a band out there with a metal plate inside that is charged to your bodies correct charge.

I wish I could do the test on all of you but you have to be in person to do it. They were tested there but when my husband came home he had me stand with my feet touching side by side. He then pulled downward on my arm tipping me over. He put this band around my wrist, had me stand the same way and pulled again down on my arm. But this time I did NOT tip. I felt solid and strong. I started laughing, "really?! What is this thing?"

I don't know all the science behind it but you can read that on their site here.
Here is a brief idea:
"When the radio is on the right frequency it sounds perfect…full, clear, and crisp. Proton Alignment Resonance Technology (P.A.R.T.®) works in a similar way, by allowing all of your cells to “resonate” on the same frequency at once. This cellular communication is instant and dramatic and your body just works better"

I didn't know much about the benefits of having your protons aligned like they are suppose to be until I wore the band for a few days. I knew it helped balance and strength because I felt that immediately when my husband tried to pull me over. I heard of some health benefits is can have so I decided to wear it with a few of my health issues in mind. What I noticed was I had a ton of energy! I really noticed it when I started cleaning or moving then all of a sudden I felt like I could go forever. My husband and sister in law wore one too and said the same way. I then looked more seriously on the bionic band site. One of the major benefits for the band is energy! I love that I felt it before knowing about it because it was a "blind" test for me. No placebo effect.

Another thing I love about the band is that it is a one time buy and the charge last 25 years!

Several of my family members are now really feeling great benefits including knee pain gone, carpel tunnel relief, and other things so I hope it can help one of my readers.

If anyone wants to try them or learn more here is the site BionicBand

(There is a video on this site too. This wont play on my blog, it's just a pic. click here to watch it.

They come in different sizes, colors, and even as a pendent and other things click here to see.

There is a sports band too for when you are active!

(since we have had such great results my husband signed up as a distributor, these links go to his sites but if you e-mail me directly at I think I can get you a better deal through him )

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Message Worth Sharing

I was up late the other night and was watching KBYU (it ways helps me sleep.) They were replaying a talk called Happiness, Your Heritage by
President Dieter F. Uchtdorf Second Counselor in the First Presidency
It was given at a women's conference not too long ago.

This is my favorite part which he says toward the end: "remember that you are spirit daughters of the most creative Being in the universe. Isn’t it remarkable to think that your very spirits are fashioned by an endlessly creative and eternally compassionate God? Think about it—your spirit body is a masterpiece, created with a beauty, function, and capacity beyond imagination."

Here is more of the talk that I wanted to share:

To All Who Are Weary
Today I would like to speak to those who have ever felt inadequate, discouraged, or weary—in short, I would like to speak to all of us.

I also pray that the Holy Ghost will amplify my words and bestow upon them additional meaning, insight, and inspiration.

We know that sometimes it can be difficult to keep our heads above water. In fact, in our world of change, challenges, and checklists, sometimes it can seem nearly impossible to avoid feeling overwhelmed by emotions of suffering and sorrow.

I am not suggesting that we can simply flip a switch and stop the negative feelings that distress us. This isn’t a pep talk or an attempt to encourage those sinking in quicksand to imagine instead they are relaxing on a beach. I recognize that in all of our lives there are real concerns. I know there are hearts here today that harbor deep sorrows. Others wrestle with fears that trouble the soul. For some, loneliness is their secret trial.

These things are not insignificant.

However, I would like to speak about two principles that may help you find a path to peace, hope, and joy—even during times of trial and distress. I want to speak about God’s happiness and how each one of us can taste of it in spite of the burdens that beset us.

God’s Happiness
Let me first pose a question: What do you suppose is the greatest kind of happiness possible? For me, the answer to this question is, God’s happiness.

This leads to another question: What is our Heavenly Father’s happiness?

This may be impossible to answer because His ways are not our ways. “For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are [God’s] ways higher than [our] ways, and [His] thoughts [higher] than [our] thoughts.”1

Though we cannot understand “the meaning of all things,” we do “know that [God] loveth his children”2 because He has said, “Behold, this is my work and my glory—to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.”3

Heavenly Father is able to accomplish these two great goals—the immortality and eternal life of man—because He is a God of creation and compassion. Creating and being compassionate are two objectives that contribute to our Heavenly Father’s perfect happiness. Creating and being compassionate are two activities that we as His spirit children can and should emulate.

The Work of Creation
The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul. No matter our talents, education, backgrounds, or abilities, we each have an inherent wish to create something that did not exist before.

Everyone can create. You don’t need money, position, or influence in order to create something of substance or beauty.

Creation brings deep satisfaction and fulfillment. We develop ourselves and others when we take unorganized matter into our hands and mold it into something of beauty—and I am not talking about the process of cleaning the rooms of your teenage children.

You might say, “I’m not the creative type. When I sing, I’m always half a tone above or below the note. I cannot draw a line without a ruler. And the only practical use for my homemade bread is as a paperweight or as a doorstop.”

If that is how you feel, think again, and remember that you are spirit daughters of the most creative Being in the universe. Isn’t it remarkable to think that your very spirits are fashioned by an endlessly creative and eternally compassionate God? Think about it—your spirit body is a masterpiece, created with a beauty, function, and capacity beyond imagination.

But to what end were we created? We were created with the express purpose and potential of experiencing a fullness of joy.4 Our birthright—and the purpose of our great voyage on this earth—is to seek and experience eternal happiness. One of the ways we find this is by creating things.

If you are a mother, you participate with God in His work of creation—not only by providing physical bodies for your children but also by teaching and nurturing them. If you are not a mother now, the creative talents you develop will prepare you for that day, in this life or the next.

You may think you don’t have talents, but that is a false assumption, for we all have talents and gifts, every one of us.5 The bounds of creativity extend far beyond the limits of a canvas or a sheet of paper and do not require a brush, a pen, or the keys of a piano. Creation means bringing into existence something that did not exist before—colorful gardens, harmonious homes, family memories, flowing laughter.

What you create doesn’t have to be perfect. So what if the eggs are greasy or the toast is burned? Don’t let fear of failure discourage you. Don’t let the voice of critics paralyze you—whether that voice comes from the outside or the inside.

If you still feel incapable of creating, start small. Try to see how many smiles you can create, write a letter of appreciation, learn a new skill, identify a space and beautify it.

Nearly a century and a half ago, President Brigham Young spoke to the Saints of his day. “There is a great work for the Saints to do,” he said. “Progress, and improve upon and make beautiful everything around you. Cultivate the earth, and cultivate your minds. Build cities, adorn your habitations, make gardens, orchards, and vineyards, and render the earth so pleasant that when you look upon your labors you may do so with pleasure, and that angels may delight to come and visit your beautiful locations. In the mean time continually seek to adorn your minds with all the graces of the Spirit of Christ.”6

The more you trust and rely upon the Spirit, the greater your capacity to create. That is your opportunity in this life and your destiny in the life to come. Sisters, trust and rely on the Spirit. As you take the normal opportunities of your daily life and create something of beauty and helpfulness, you improve not only the world around you but also the world within you.

Click here for the entire talk

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

In The Rooms

I found a neat online support group for all addictions called In The Rooms

On this site there are specific groups (fellowships) for eating disorders. It is for those who are suffering now, or those who are recovered and want to help support others. I also noticed family members of those with addictions can join for support.

If you want to join for any addictions including addictive eating, eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia, or for drugs and all other types of addictions you can add me as a "friend" my username is Haleyhf.

Monday, April 5, 2010

The Sapphire Flute

I am SOOO excited to be posting about this book! Honestly, my delight in the publication of this book is second only to that of my own book. Karen is a friend I meet when she reviewed my book, (check it out here) We have been instant friends ever since.

I was privileged to read this book as a manuscript. I loved it right away! I had no doubt the story of the wolfchild would be printed for the world to read one day.
I've never been a huge fantasy fan but wow I was in love with The Sapphire Flute's characters and pulled into their adventure immediately. I enjoyed getting lost in Karen's words of cleaver imagination and recommend The Sapphire Flute to young and old.Karen came by on a lazy day at home so ignore the awesome look I'm sporting. =)
Karen is currently holding a contest which ends soon so hurry over to her blog.
Here is her Press Release:
Valor Publishing Group announces the release of Karen E.
Hoover's highly anticipated book, The Wolfchild Saga: The Sapphire Flute.
The young adult fantasy has already created a wave of interest in national blogging circuits, earning a modest Hoover the title of The New J.K. Rowling by Valor Publishing Group president, Candace E. Salima, who reaffirms her belief in the series' big screen possibilities, saying it has the potential to rival the Harry Potter series. "It is that
good and we are so proud of Karen."

The Sapphire Flute - the first in seven of Karen E. Hoover's books in The Wolfchild Saga - takes readers on an unexpected and exciting journey through the eyes of two young heroines, Ember, a shape-shifter of secret origins and Kayla, a gifted musician who is the guardian of the precious flute. The girls' journeys are set on a collision course as they face difficult paths and discover their destinies are shaped by the Keepers who preside and maintain order in their world of magic.

"Hoover is very talented when it comes to bringing life to her characters, like a puppeteer to the
marionette," says popular blogger, Elizabeth Mueller. "Karen has a vivid imagination and it is not difficult to follow the artistic weave of her words."

Karen E. Hoover resides in Utah with her husband and two sons. She will be signing copies of her first release at The Gateway Barnes & Noble in Salt Lake City, March 16, 2010 from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Pre-orders are being taken on the Valor Publishing Group website at .

For interviews or to book speaking engagements with Karen E. Hoover, please contact her publicist, Justin Anderson: or call him at 801-455-2824.