Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Book of Positive Messages

I really can't say enough about The Cauliflower Retreat Self-Worth Outreach Center and The Book of Positive Messages founded by Karen Eddington.
I want to tell everyone I know about what amazing things she is doing in the world. I am honored to be apart of it. Karen has published my story in her catalog and my book as inspired art work she sells called Hope for Tomorrow. 
Let me go back and explain the concept behind her catalog and her amazing retreat.  Here is their statement on their home page of their website:

Offering self-worth outreach to women and teens since 2006.

We are bombarded with the idea that if you are successful, attractive, and well liked, then you have value. These messages we battle everyday are leading to depression, inadequacy, and collapse. Plastic surgery, bullying among teen girls, perfection in the media, and eating disorders are only some of the indicators that we need more support.

It’s time for a new message.

Cauliflower Retreat offers a revolutionary new self-worth support network, bringing self-worth support into your home and community. We are an outreach program designed to empower women and teens using positive messages of self-worth. As part of our code of ethics we are not a treatment program and our team is instructed not to act outside scope of practice. Rather, our focus is on prevention by building self-worth, and strengthening your sense of value. Our outreach programs are propelled from our series of products and workbooks that promote self-worth.
We are here to bring out the best in you.

One way I explain their catalog is comparing it to Mary Kay or Close to my Heart. The retreat as consultants that use to catalog to share their products around the United States. I LOVE their products because everything as the purpose of inspiring, up lifting and helping out girls and women know their worth.  I am so thrilled that my book A Future for Tomorrow is involved.  Karen has generously given  my story a full two page layout.

Another exciting thing is my book and story as inspired an artwork piece.
Here's a closer look:

I want to show you more of what is in this book.  It isn't just about inspiring products but also life changing information is in it. If you have a teenager girl this is a MUST HAVE.  Here is an example of one of the spreads.

If any of you are interested in joining the team and being a retreat counselor in your area you can drop Karen a cover letter e-mail (kareneddi@hotmail.com)  or you can apply online at www.cauliflowerretreat.org

The Cauliflower Retreat's Grand Opening in Bringham City is coming up. The celebration goes from Aug 9th to Aug 14th.
I'm excited to be speaking and doing a book signing during it. I'm scheduled for 11th at 4:00.
The Cauliflower Retreat Self-Worth Outreach Center address is 1149 S 450 W, they are located right off the 1100 S South Brigham City/Logan I-15 exit.

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