Friday, June 12, 2009

Worthy To Be Loved

It seems when we are feeling down or depressed, or when we have self-hatred playing in our minds we feel unworthy to be loved.

We can't see how anyone could possible love us and we may even feel like we don't deserve the affections from loved ones or a significant other.

Weekly Assignment:
I want you to:

*Name at least three reasons why you are worthy to be loved

*Name at least three people who love you unconditionally

*Name at least three reasons why they love you

A step further would be to raise your "standard of living" when it comes to relationships. I've noticed that women are usually in a relationship with the kind of guy they feel they deserve at that time in their lives. It's a reflection of their own self-esteem. They may feel that they are not good enough for someone of higher quality, or even someone who would treat them with respect and admiration.

So I add to this challenge to not only name the reasons you are worthy to be loved but the reasons why you deserve a man who treats you like the divine daughter of God you are.

Then seek out these "higher standard of living "relationships that mirror the great worth you feel inside.

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