Monday, May 18, 2009

One Lovely Blog Award

My delightful friend Lori Nawyn from Hearts and Hands selected my blog to win the "One Lovely Blog Award." This is my first blog award so I can't wait to display it on my side bar!
I am honored. Thank you, Lori.
In keeping with the rules, I've been asked to pass on the love and bestow the award to 15 of my favorite blogs. (In no particular order)
I've mentioned Trisit several times on this blog so most of you know she has four published books, a member of LDS StoryMakers, and is a great lady!
Cauliflower Retreat by Karen Eddington.
The Cauliflower Retreat is a non-profit organization that promotes worth and purpose to women! You can learn more at!
4Nuts in a Nutshell by Catherine Lang.
She is a high school and college friend who has done great thing with her blog. In a blink of an eye she nearly has 100 followers. That speaks volumes for her blogging talent. Way to go Cat!
Wizard's Hangout by Vicki Wizniuk.
She is a fellow Close to My Heart consultant and I admire her talent and willingness to share her ideas with her blog friends.
A Writer's Ramblings by Karen Hoover.
Karen is a dear friend of mine and a gifted writer. Her manuscripts have won several awards and hopefully we will see one in print soon! Her time is near I can feel it!
Our Many Mumblings by Kelly Hill.
Kelly has a hilariously honest way of blogging her life. Kelly is a strong woman who is comfortable sharing her personal trials and success. I'm proud to call her neighbor and friend.
LobbyMe by Ryan Fransen.
This is the only male blogger I have chosen to award this honor to. I don't know how thrilled he will be knowing his reward is called "lovely blog award" but his blog one of my favorites to read. Ryan is my cousin and a former congressional staffer and campaign manager. His blog helps me feel like I have the "inside track" when it comes to politics.
I'm cheating a little on this one because it is a website but it wants to be a blog.
Queen of the Clan by Danyelle Ferguson
Danyelle did a book review for my book and I was privileged to met her in person at the LDS StoryMaker's conference. She has a wonderful blog and does great things for Autism.
The Mar Farr by Mari Farr
Mari is on of the most talent photographers I've EVER seen! She has a great blog about being a mom, photographer, and music teacher. We were neighbors until her recent move, but I still consider her one of my closest friends.
I'm again linking a website that feels like a blog. I admire Candace for her writing, political stance, and public speaking. Check her out.
I met Sheila at the LDS StoryMaker's convention and found her to be a delightful lady. She also does podcast interviews on LDS Women's Book Review
Congrats everyone!


KJae said...

oh m' gosh, oh m' gosh! thank you, dear friend. you're such a sweetheart.

love ya!!

Ryan said...

Thanks for the props! I don't know how to do fancy sidebar stuff yet, but thanks for passing along the good word for me!

Haley Hatch Freeman said...

You're both welcome!

Sheila said...

Haley, thanks so much! How do I get the button to put onto my blog? I want to do that and then pass the love along! Let me know! Thanks again!!!