Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Forgotten Warrior

I was excited to be asked to participate in a virtual book tour on the review end of the process. (My virtual tour links for A Future for Tomorrow are posted on the side bar if you are interested in checking them out.)

This is my review of the book The Forgotten Warrior by Kathi Oram Peterson:

About the Author:
Kathi Oram Peterson was born in the small, sleepy town of Rigby , Idaho .
Over her writing career she has won the “Heart of the West” and“Golden Pen” writing contests and placed as a finalist in St. Martin ’s Press’ “Malice Domestic Contest.” She has also served as President of theWasatch Mountain Fiction Writers. (for a complete bio. click here)

Write up:
Forgiveness has never been an attribute of sixteen-year-old Sydney Morgan's. Loyal and loving to her mother and sister, a crisis forces her to find her absent father, which in turn begins a chain of events leading her to the last place and time she would have ever expected.

The Forgotten Warrior follows Syd as she is transported back to Book of Mormon times by touching a mysterious clear stone.

Come follow Sydney as she desperately tries to find her way back home, fights to gain Helaman's respect, and despite herself, falls in love with Tarik.

From the beginning of the novel I was immediately attached to the characters that this new author created. She has a way of adding her humor into her writing making her characters charming and entertaining. The story line is unique and cleaver. I enjoyed visiting the 2000 Stripling Warriors through her eyes.

Kathi depicted clear images of the surroundings and life of the Book of Mormon times. I was then able to take those pictures with me when I read from the scriptures. It helped bring my own scripture study alive.
It is definitely a book I will encourage my children to read when they become older. I can see it opening their interest in Book of Mormon stories and hopefully intrigue them to learn more about the heroes of the Book of Mormon.
It is a book the whole family can enjoy, especially young adults.
Young women will be able to relate to the spunky main character and will love the light romance. Young men will enjoy the fighting scenes and feeling a part of the Stripling Warriors.

If you don't like being left hanging at the end of a book I would suggest to hold on to The Forgotten Warrior for its sequel and read them back to back. Kathi says the sequel gives you all the answers and ties up loose ends.

Here are the sites you can visit to purchase this delightful novel: Deseret Book

I would like to also add about the Latter-day Stripling Warrior Contest Kathi is hosting.
Check out this information to see if you know a young man or woman deserving of this reward:

Nominate a youth between 8 to 18 (male or female), who has performed a kind deed and who you believe is a Latter-day Stripling Warrior. Each person nominated will receive a Latter-day Stripling Warrior certificate signed by the author and three heroes of The Forgotten Warrior: Sydney Morgan, Tarik, and Ximon. Please go to for more details and the entry form.


Kathi Oram Peterson said...

Thank you for reading and reviewing my book. I'm very honored that The Forgotten Warrior helped with your Book of Mormon study! The publication of the sequel is dependent upon how well book one sales, so hopefully people will forge ahead and purchase book one. Thanks again.

Haley Hatch Freeman said...

Thanks Kathi for the info about the sequel. I know how publishers are always looking at the bottom line. Hopefully they will let it go to print I am looking forward to reading it.

Catherine said...

I haven't read anything by Ms. Peterson, but look forward to doing so. This book sounds like a real winner! I love the Book of Mormon and happily anticipate reading Ms. Peterson's story centered around it's tales.

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