Monday, March 9, 2009

Campaign for Real Beauty

Most of you have probably seen the ads for this dove campaign but I LOVE what they are doing. Go to their site and check it out:
They have discussion boards you and your daughter can go on to talk about self-esteem issues, they have workshops you can receive information from them so you can hold one in your neighborhood (totally free!) , videos, quizzes, great information, and a lot more!

For my weekly assignment this week, I'm asking you to go check it out and see if there is something there you can do. Maybe leave a comment on the boards, reply to another lady's comment, sign up to have workshop information sent to you, even decide to use the material to present a workshop in your ward or neighborhood, or use the info. to talk to your daughter about self-esteem. There is even a fund set up if you want to support their efforts that way. I'm very impressed with their campaign and hope you get involved with it as well.
Here is there site again:

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