Sunday, November 16, 2008

Weekend of Book Signings

My first book signing was at Confetti , Antiques, and Books in Spanish Fork. This is me with the owner Donny. He sells my book on his site (, on , and in his store.

I've been excited about my next book signing since I found out about it. I was honored to be there with some amazing authors. It was at Provident Book in Pleasant Grove. What a neat store! I recommend it to everyone. They have great toys, games, books, paintings, candy and more! I love how they want to get the community involved with act ivies presented by their store. Starting with the full day of author book signings yesterday and continuing with book clubs where authors come to discuss their books and more!

This is me with my friend and great author Tristi Pinkston (
I was excited to see her there. She has done a lot for me and I respect her greatly!


KJae said...

Hey! You stole my blog layout!! : )

I'm so glad you're enjoying all-things-book. You deserve the happiness you're feeling right now. I'm so glad everything is going well.

The Ramirez Family said...

You are amazing! I hope you had a very busy signing and enjoyed visiting with your readers.

Tristi Pinkston said...

Love your new blog layout, and it was great to see you, too!

Haley Hatch Freeman said...

Kelly- That is funny because when I saw yours I said the same thing... she stole my background! Great minds think alike I guess. =)

Thanks Tristi and Michelle!