Monday, October 18, 2010

Women's Conference Breakthrough: Peace with Food, Peace with your Body

Saturday, Oct 16th I was honored to present at a women's conference called Breakthrough: Peace with Food, Peace with your Body, a Cherie Burton event.

There were a lot of "wow" moments, I know I took something valuable away from each speaker. What made this gathering extra effective in my mind was the fact that each speaker (including myself) connected spirituality and being a daughter of God with their presentation. I know internalizing that fact that you are a beautiful, unique, cherished, divine daughter of God is vital for a healthy relationship with food because if you value yourself you will want to treat your body with love and respect. You could not binge or restrict food, abuse yourself with negative self talk, and other harmful behaviors if you truly knew your worth and power as a daughter of God.

(In photo left to right: Cherie Burton, Haley Freeman (me), Steffanie EnglandJessie Funk, Jen Marco Handy.) There were other presenters but these are the ladies that were around at the end who I was able to grab for a picture. Jessie and Jen shared their amazing voices and musical talent in their presentation. I recommend checking them out.  I love Jessie's new inspirational CD (click on Jessie Funk's name above to hear her) and what she is doing with The Ivy Girl Academy
I met some remarkable women both in the presenters and in the attendees. It is amazing how small the world can be and how there is no other explanation for some connections made at these events other than the Lord had a hand in it.
It was a powerful experience for many, if not all who attended.

The conference was recorded. Click here to see the program. I know many of you had scheduling conflict with the event so let me know if you want the recording. You can leave me a message here with your contact info (e-mail) or you can e-mail me at

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