Saturday, May 8, 2010

My Walk Thru Heaven

Wow! What a powerful book! I read My Walk Thru Heaven By Kim Rives this week and can't say enough about it.
"My Walk Thru Heaven is an inspiring true story of a young single mother’s valiant fight against cancer. Losing the battle, she finds herself taking an incredible journey through the portals of death and beyond. Her mission not yet complete, she is commissioned to return from Heaven and share the message she was given."
(three days before Kim died)

This book is very emotional. I will never hear the words breast cancer again without thinking of Kim's incredible story.
After reading this book I felt inspired. I want to show more love, forgive, serve others, and pray more often.
Kim is LDS but she has written her journey so that members of other faiths can enjoy and understand her experience.
I recommend this book highly.

Each of our stories are unique but there are many things similarities in her story as I experienced and wrote about in mine (A Future for Tomorrow)  Some things I feel both our books do are reminds us how thin the veil is and how important love, service, prayer, and  forgiveness are and that miracles are possible.
 I know the painful process of baring your soul, forfeiting your privacy in hopes to help others with your trial and doing it out of obedience when the Lord tells you it is what is meant for you to do.  I am thankful that Kim hearkened to this instruction and wrote her story for the world to benefit from.

Kim is also a song writer and singer. Her music is even more powerful knowing the situation around each song's lyrics.

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