Saturday, May 22, 2010

Book Signing - thinking outside the box

This week I did a book signing in a place you wouldn't normally do a book signing. But it turned out great and I met several people with stories I appreciated them sharing.

My son use to take a boys hip hop/ break dancing class and their recitals are PACKED full in the school's gym/ stage area.  I had noticed before that the main teacher (it is a fairly large production now so there are several teachers/classes) allows local people to sell there goods at tables and just now it hit me to ask if I could do the same with my book. I was going to just have them sitting out on one of the tables but she hooked me up to do an official book signing.
It was defiantly thinking outside the box compared to other store book signings I've done. But hey, where there are a large group of people it's always worth a try.

It turned out well with sells, exposure, and sharing my story with others who are experience similar heartbreak one way or another.


KarenG said...

Way to look for opportunities everywhere, Haley!!

Haley Hatch Freeman said...

Thanks Karen