Thursday, August 13, 2009

By Mark L. Shurtleff

I'm thrilled about the new publishing agency Valor Publisher because of several reasons but one being that three of the neatest people I have met since I became an author are involved with it (Tristi, Karen, and Candace).
Here is a link to Valor's Blog

I want to share some information and discount opportunity with you.

Utah State Attorney General Mark Shurtleff’s ground-breaking new novel, “Am I Not A Man: The Dred Scott Story” is now available for pre-order at a reduced price.
An illiterate slave, Dred Scott trusted in an all-white, slave-owning jury to declare him free. But after briefly experiencing the glory of freedom and manhood, anew state Supreme Court ordered the cold steel of the shackles to be closed again around his wrists and ankles. Falling to his knees, Dred cried, "Ain't I a man?" Dred answered his own question by rising and taking his fight to the U.S. SupremeCourt.
Dred ultimately lost his epic battle when the Chief Justice declared that a black man was so inferior that he had "no rights a white man was bound to respect."
Dred died not knowing that his undying courage led directly to the election of President Abraham Lincoln and the emancipation proclamation.
Dred Scott's inspiring and compelling true story of adventure, courage, love,hatred, and friendship parallels the history of this nation from the long night of slavery to the narrow crack in the door that would ultimately lead to freedom and equality for all men.
You can order your sale-priced, signed and numbered limited edition copy of “Am I Not a Man” by visiting before Labor Day. There are only 5,000 copies of this special edition being printed and once they’re gone, they’re gone … and the sale price ends on Labor Day. You can request that Mark personalize your inscription, and your book will be mailed to you before the stores even get their copies. For more information, visit

I'm anxious to read this book and can think of several others in my family that I know would love it as well.
My sincere wishes of best luck to Valor and "Am I Not a Man"


Terresa said...

That book sounds fascinating. Thanks for sharing.

I just came across your blog via Mormon Mommy blogs. I'm glad that a book like your (dealing with anorexia) is out there for young people. When I was a teen, I think that topic was far too often ignored. Thank you for writing it, no doubt is will touch many lives.

Haley Hatch Freeman said...

Thank you Terresa, It meant a lot to hear from you. Thank you for taking the time to stop by and leave a comment.