Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Jessica Simpson

I was upset today when I heard on the Today Show that Jessica Simpson made front page news because they suspected that she had gained weight. Really? This is front page news?

This is the picture they showed on air and the one that is making the news:

I'm frustrated that so much focus is on weight and females more than anything. If this was a boy actor would they have made an issue out of it? Not to mention that her "unacceptable weight gain" is so minute that most people would never notice.
What message does this send us and especially our youth? I think it teaches how much society focuses on weight and teaching youth they need to watch their weight to be attractive. Also, I guarantee the average real woman weighs more than the "plumped up" Jessica. Once again sending us the message that we are not ok.

I feel, the best way to combat these signals is awareness and consciously reminding ourselves of the truth of the situation. Does five extra pounds change our value or divine worth? Does Heavenly Father love us less? Of course not, believe in what is eternally true.
This Week's Challenge
I'm going to combine this week's challenge with my little rant. All week I want you to challenge everything with eternal truths. If you got a bad grade at school and feel of less value because of it challenge those feelings with eternal truths, true principals of worth and love you know to be true.

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