Sunday, January 4, 2009

3 Reasons Why You're Not

This was an idea given to me from a young women's leader when I did an activity with her girls not too long ago. We were talking about the importance of loving yourself and finding the good in yourself.

I mentioned how much power there is in your thoughts. How did I go from one extreme of hating myself so deeply that I felt that I didn't deserve to eat or live to now truly accepting and loving myself with only hope and the purest joy found in each day? It was all about my inner dialog, my own believes about myself. I learned when I told myself that I was fat or ugly or worthless, I would first notice it, then change it. I would say the opposite and eventually the negative record stopped and I began to believe the positive about myself.

I decided I wanted to leave the self hate behind and I wanted to love myself. When I mentioned this to the young women group, the leader said that a great way to do this is to name three reasons why you are NOT the negative thing you mentioned.

What a great idea! This is my challenge for the week. If you say "I'm so stupid" challenge it by saying "I'm not stupid because I am getting a B or A in some school subject or I wrote a story or I am great at cross word puzzles." Whatever it is challenge the negative and believe the positive!

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