Monday, December 15, 2008

No More Victim Consciousness

"When we feel like victims of circumstance, we find ourselves feeling powerless, helpless, or hopeless. Stripped of our power psychologically, we sit back and wait for someone else to bail us out or change things for the better." Rebecca Ruggles Radcliffe Author of Enlightened Eating.

Often eating disorders are caused by the person trying to gain a sense of control. Eating is something you have completely control over, no one can make you eat. Anorexia is a complex disease that usually has many factors combined to produce the symptom of starving yourself. Often one of the major triggers is enduring some type of traumatic experience where they feel they did not have control.

The exercise I have chosen this week is to help you gain back your self of power and stop playing the victim.

Take out your journal or whatever and fill in as many answers to each of the following statements as possible:

If __________________ hadn't happened, I would not be able to _____________.

If __________________ hadn't happened, I would not have done _____________.

I am stronger because ____________________________________ ___.

I am who I am today because __________________________________.

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