Friday, May 20, 2011

Feed Your Soul Radio Interview

This is an interview I will never forget! I was a guest on the radio show called Feed Your Soul  hosted by Irma Haggith on May 17th.
It was an evening show out of Ontario Canada.

Ironically, during the days prior to the interview I was wondering, how I could make this interview different and interesting. I've done many interviews and I was trying to think of a different angle or new information to share. Well, this interview definitely was different!
Since the interview was out of Canada I called in to the show instead of actually being in the studio like I have done for local stations. I've called in to several other interview shows this way and they went perfectly.
This time however we had technical difficultly. For some reason the show's switch boards were not recognizing me or anyone calling in. I could hear the hostess but she couldn't hear me. Luckily, there is a function with this type of radio show where the listeners can chat and type in their questions or comments during the interview. I was able to log on to that web page. From there, the hostess spoke and asked me questions and I typed my answers which she read and shared with the listeners. Wow, what an experience! I couldn't share as much information this way but nevertheless we were able to complete our interview and hopefully shed some light on eating disorders and my book.

After a few chuckles between the hostess and myself (what else could we do) I was invited back for another time.

I think Irma (the hostess) did a wonderful job relaying the information and filling in the space so there was no dead air.

Here is the link to listen to our improvised interview: Feed Your Soul

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