Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Food = Sin ?

I remember telling the counselor who worked with me on my eating disorder after I was released from the hospital that I felt guilty and sinful when I hate. He asked me how did I ever link eating with sin.
I knew this connection was partial made because of the message from media. I remember seeing ads saying "guilt-free, fat-free ice cream."
This message still infuriates me. There is a new commercial that demonstrates my point, here it is:

Did you notice the words linked to sin, "wicked" (referring to a pastry) "tempting," and "trying to be good" (meaning depriving yourself of certain foods)

I encourage you to bring consciousness to the hidden messages in commercials, ads and other media. I especially hope if you have children in appropriate age range to understand, that you help point out these messages and counter with what is true.

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