Thursday, February 19, 2009

Millard High School Assembly

Yesterday I was able to return to my old high school and present an assembly. What an awesome experience it was!!! They wanted me to cover both the eating disorder part of my story and the whole writing and publishing a book part. I made a PowerPoint slide presentation and I feel it went really well.

This picture was taken as the students started coming into the auditorium.

Sherri Paxton is the librarian at Millard High and was the one who called to invite me to come. She is such a sweet and wonderful lady. She couldn't stop saying kind things about my presentation and book. She wants me to go to a conference with all the librarians in Southern Utah to do it again for them. Here is a picture of me with her.

The following post shows the video I had prepared to show the high school students. I talked about how airbrushed models give us an unrealistic expectation of beauty. So the image we are trying to emulate is not even real. I had other before and after photo shopped pictures, but I love this video so I'm sharing it with you on here.

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